Altus Colour Card 2018

Altus New Colour Release 

Altus are pleased to release a refreshed colour card.

New colours are available from 28th February 2018.

What are the changes?


• FlaxPod Matt – GP298A

• Night Sky Satin - GN120A

• Textura Black – GN306A


• All are Group 1

• Akzo NZ will hold stock

• All are D1010 Premium Warranty

Other Info:

• Added in the Bright’s (excluding Sensation Yellow).

• Textura Black has a different surface finish, so it is positioned separately on the card.

• Other Textura Colours remain as Group 3.

• Note: Matt Black will not be removed but we would anticipate seeing a decline in orders.

• Pottery Satin (GM175A) and Mist Green (GK246A) have been slow movers over the last 18 months. These colours have been removed from the card to make room for new colours. Pottery Satin and Mist Green are available still and will become Group 2.

• FlaxPod and Night Sky colours have been trending upwards over several months based on kg purchases (Dulux) and demand from the Sales Team and Fabricators. This tells us that dark colours continue to climb up the usage results.

• The Colour Card is three fold A4 and with dual branding.


• 30x Contemporary Collection

• 6x Urban Collection

• 7x Bright’s

• 1x Textura


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Textura Black is the ideal powder coating finish for applications where reduction in marring is critical. The ‘anti-mar’ finish

and advanced powder technology combine to protect the surface from abrasions when applied to joinery.

• Mar reduction technology for use in high-wear areas.

• Reduction in potential transport damage due to highly durable surface.

• Textured pattern hides irregularities in substrates.

• D1010 Premium Residential.

• Environmental and performance benefits of powder coating.

We have experienced marring problems with Matt Black (will remain in the range) for sometime.

Access to Altus Colour Cards and Other information - See Pack

• Altus Colour Cards from TLC Live (for ordering more)

Packs of 20x

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Note: Old Colour Cards are no longer available.

• Altus Colour Card (Digital) is on the Nulook website, refers to menu…


General/Surface Finishes

Note: Login Section has a list of all codes and colours.

Disclaimer: Colours displayed on this digital PDF are a guide only.

• Dabsticks and Touch Up Cans

You are able to purchase via Altus.

• Altus Hardware Catalogue 2018

Assa Abloy – Standard powder coat colours

Cooks – Standard powder coat colours

Breezway – A surcharge will apply

Gait – Standard powder coat colours

Note: Brights are not included in the hardware offer.