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Maximum sizes for bay and greenhouse windows and sashes vary by width, height, wind zone, and glazing requirement. Your local Nulook fabricator will be able to advise you whether a configuration is possible or contact Altus Technical support.

As a guide, fixed window panels up to 1.2m high by 1.2m wide are attainable. Normal configurations involve multiple mullions and transoms that can be used in combination to meet most requirements. Limitations often relate to the structural nature of the support for the window, i.e. how much weight they can they hold.

Note: For compliance with NZS4211:2008 and or the NZ Building Code a security stay, safety latch, or restrictor may be required for certain sash sizes.

Frame Types

  • Standard window frame with a 19mm facing cover and 24mm glazing pocket.
  • Chair frame is also available for a range of applications, including masonry, when required.

Glazing, Beads and Sash Types

  • Pocketed sashes provide for greater security and can accommodate most glazing sizes from 4mm to 22mm.
  • Beaded sashes are used to provide for a wide range of glazing options from 4mm to 24mm.
  • French casement sashes are available with glazing options from 4mm to 24mm.
  • A range of 10 beads are available to accommodate glazing options from 4mm to 24mm and to provide a variety of finishing styles from sloped to square.

Mullions and Transoms

Mullions and transoms are often chosen to add strength to the window to cope with higher wind loads.

  • A range of nine mullions and transoms ranging from flat, fins, or box back are available to accommodate style or the necessary performance strength to meet
    deflection requirements. Box mullions can be viewed in the SovereignSeries™ awning window profiles section.
  • Corner posts 135° and 90° are available along with 120° and 135° coupling bars.

Window Ventilation

Aluvent passive ventilator enables passive ventilation to be included into sashes and most fixed windows. Refer to the Aluvent section.


A standard range of flashings include 95mm, 84mm, 71mm, 68mm, 63mm, 58mm, 53mm, 48mm, 45mm, 41mm, 38mm, 31mm, 25mm and 14mm. These have been designed to comply with E2/AS1 Amendment 6 requirements. Refer to the flashings section.


Refer to the hardware section.

Awning or Casement Window cavity construction sill detail.
Awning or Casement Window cavity construction head detail.
Fixed window construction head detail for 12888 frame.
Fixed Window Frame cavity construction sill detail.