Bifold Windows & Doors 41Architectural



Maximum sizes for Bifold windows and doors vary by width, height, wind zone, and glazing requirement. Your local Nulook fabricator will be able to advise you whether a configuration is possible or contact Altus Technical Support.

As a guide 41Architectural Bifold window and door panels of up to 2600mm high by 850mm wide are attainable.  

Frame Types 

  • Square flat faced frame with 19mm flange.
  • Open out Bifold frame with 56mm high sill that can be rebated into the floor.
  • Concealed gearing.   

Glazing Beads and Panel Types

  • 3 glazing beads are available for glass thicknesses ranging from 22mm to 30mm.
  • 50mm wide panels to achieve greater strength and height.
  • Beaded panels can be glazed with up to 30mm IGUs.
  • Panels include torsional stiffening blocks for stronger panels.
  • Wide rail option available.   


A standard range of flashings include 95mm, 84mm,71mm, 68mm, 63mm, 58mm, 53mm, 48mm, 45mm, 41mm, 38mm, 31mm, 25mm and 14mm. These have been designed to comply with E2/AS1 Amendment 6 requirements.


Refer to your local manufacturer for advice.

Support Inquiries

Altus Technical 0800 685 665 or email