Colonial Glazing Bars

Colonial glazing or colonial bars have been widely used with single glazed joinery for residential decorative impact. With the growing widespread use of double glazing the cost of colonial bars has risen as the complexity of manufacturing these units has increased.

Colonial glazing is available with the following common configurations:

  • Colonial bars are available in a width of 20mm and in either a raised or a flat profile.
  • For single glazing, the raised bar is adhered to the glass exterior with the matching flat  bar applied to the interior.
  • For double glazing, the flat bar can be used both internally and externally. The raised bar can in some circumstances be used externally on double glazing but IGU thickness and glazing methods determine this – you should consult with your local Nulook fabricator or Altus technical support.
  • The space between the glass on colonial bar situations is filled with a spacer with the same appearance to the perimeter seal of the glass and has to be specifically made to order to suit grid sizes.