Educational Facilities

Special Applications

Nulook offer a comprehensive range of windows and doors for use in Educational Facilities. With careful product selection you can be assured that all products will stand-up to the everyday wear and tear and abuse sometimes encountered within the rigours of the classroom. Health, safety and ease of use are all paramount when dealing with members of the public. Well designed products for large robust window systems where strength is required are all possible.

Nulook caters for disabled access through special sill details and doorway widths. Non-protruding window systems including louvres, internal sliding doors, heavy duty sliding doors / windows, window control gear either manual or electric are all features easily incorporated within the range of suites.

Nulook have a lot of experience in both new school buildings or refurbishments of existing buildings (for more information as to the ideal products for inclusion please speak to your local Nulook Licensee).

Legal Requirements

It is a legal requirement that all building work carried out at a school complies with the following minimum standards. The project manager and consultants must be aware of these requirements.

Acts, regulations and other mandatory standards applying to construction work in New Zealand include, but are not confined to:

  • Building Act 2004 and subsequent amendments
  • Building Regulations
  • New Zealand Building Code
  • Resource Management Act 1991 and District Plans
  • Health & Safety in Employment Act 1992
  • Fire Service Act 1975
  • Fire Safety and Evacutation of Buildings Regulations 1992
  • Hazardous Substances and New Organisms Act 1996
  • Construction Contracts Act 2002

Ministry Recommendations

  • The average movement of people in a school throughout a day means that doors and door hardware are subject to wear and tear that is far greater than any other commercial building, including supermarkets.
  • The Ministry of Education recommends that commercial aluminium joinery, plus very heavy commercial door hardware be used in school buildings. Although this will be more expensive at the time of construction, it will help keep future maintenance and replacement costs down.
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