Flushline Sliding and Stacker Doors

Design Objectives

The 41Architectural suite range has been designed to provide an affordable solution for High-End Architectural homes and addresses many of the inherent design flaws associated with older joinery that contributed to leaking buildings.

The 41Architectural suite range provides for almost every possible window and door configuration based on a 41mm frame glazing platform width and is capable of accommodating glazing thicknesses of 4mm to 30mm. The range includes high performance and innovative products including, Flushline Slider/Stacker Doors.

The 41Architectural suite range is also used for High-end residential/ semi-commercial applications. It is a competitive option over the 40mm Commercial Window suite with the inclusion of a drained condensation channel, potential to use box mullions when necessary, and the wide range of configurations and products possible whilst maintaining structural and weather performance.

Flushline Slider and Stacker Doors

Being able to walk from the inside of your home to the outside without having to step over the door frame is a great feature for your home and commercial applications. Reducing trip hazards is a safety benefit for all environments, meaning your home is safer for children, the elderly or when carrying food and beverage to outdoor entertainment area.

The other key attraction of the Flushline Slider/Stacker Door is its seamless appearance, the reduction of obstacles in a high foot traffic area enhance the living space with clean lines and improved lifestyle aesthetics.

Couple the advantages of a level walk surface with the benefits from a sliding or stacking door and you have a great door product, again for either the home or commercial projects.

The features and benefits are: 

  • The sill can be lined up with the outside decking/tiles and with the internal floor when detailed with a rebated sill. (Note: Will require slatted deck or drainage grate in front of doors lining up with external finishings
  • Eliminating or reducing trip hazard.
  • Slider and Stacker door options with multiple configurations available.
  • Used with square cover trims the Flushline Slider and Stacker Doors offer excellent wheelchair access, a benefit not available from traditional slider and stacker doors.
  • Sashes can be incorporated in the fixed lights.
  • Coupled over lights are available with the Flushline Slider and Stacker.
  • Track insert is anodised (black or silver) while the rest of the track is powder coated. This helps match the flat of the track with the rest of the joinery, while the contact area between rollers and track is an anodised insert reducing rolling resistance and increasing durability with high use and heavy doors.
  • Easily replaced track system, should damage occur.
  • Use in wind zones up to and including Extra High. 
  • Panel sizes of up to 2400mm high x 2000mm wide can be achieved (contact Altus Technical Team for larger sizes).
  • Glazing from 4mm Monolithic glass to 30mm double glazed units can be accommodated. 

If used with tiles on the outside, the installation will require a grated drain to form the min. 100mm drain pocket required by E2/AS1.