Frame and Platform Size

The frame size and platform size of a suite provide two different measures. Frame size is the size of the frame as measured from the outside of the facing to the inside of the frame where it connects with the reveal or where the frame ends. This size is important when determining compatibility with other products and getting an indication of the profile size. For example, the SovereignSeries™ suite and Commercial doors are all 100mm frame size and are consequently compatible. They can be easily used together.

It should not be considered a direct measure of strength, as other considerations such as design, shape, thickness of extrusion, and position have an impact on performance as well.


The frame platform size refers to the glazing platform width as measured from the two extremities of the glazed area. It refers to the glazing capability of the products rather than the size or strength of products. Glazing capacity sets out the overall measurement within which the glazing unit must be accommodated.

For example, the WeatherTight™ Suite has a glazing platform size of 35mm that enables glazing up to 24mm and an overall frame depth of 57mm. Liner deductions are used as a reference when calculating the required size for jamb liners.