Insert Windows WeatherTight™

Insert Windows provide an affordable solution by replacing old timber windows with new aluminium joinery without compromising the tradition style of your home.

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Maximum sizes for Insert Windows and sashes vary by width, height, wind zone and glazing requirement. Your local fabricator will be able to advise whether a configuration is possible.

As a guide, Insert Window fixed panels up to 1800mm height and 1000mm width are attainable with sashes up to a 1000mm height and 900mm width recommended. Other sizes are possible please contact your local manufacturer for advice.

Note: For compliance with NZS4211:2008 &/or NZ Building Code a security stay, safety latch or restrictor must be used for certain sash sizes.

Frame Types

  • Insert window frame for replacement into timber frame rebates

Glazing, Beads & Sash Types

  • Pocketed sashes provide for greater security and can accommodate most glazing sizes from 18mm-22mm
  • Beaded sashes are used to provide for a wide range of glazing options, starting from 4mm–24mm
  • French casement sashes are available with glazing options from  4mm–24mm
  • A range of 10 beads are available to accommodate glazing options from 4mm–24mm to provide a variety of finishing styles from sloped to square

Mullions & Transoms

Mullions and transoms are often chosen to add strength to the window to cope with higher wind loads:

  • A range of 9 mullions and transoms ranging from flat, fins or box back are available to accommodate style or performance strength required to meet deflection requirements
3D Imagery
Insert Window in Timber Frame: Frontal and side view of sill cross section, shows two panel, double glazed.
Insert Window in Timber Frame: Head view.