Powder Coating

Surface Finishing for Aluminium...

Powder coating is widely used within the building industry and is by far the dominant surface finish used today. Powder coated aluminium will give your project a durable, resilient colour finish. Because the application process is free of solvents and other chemicals it is safe for the work environment as well as the natural environment.

Powder coating combines the use of chromate to protect the aluminium with a protective layer and a polyester powder to protect the chromate layer in turn and provide an attractive and durable surface finish.

Powder coating is available in a wide range of colours with commercially available surface integrity warranties from 10 to 30 years.

To determine which formulations best suite your project please refer to the NZ3604:2011 Corrosion Wind Zone map and match with the Interpon D Warranty Matrix. 

Altus uses a range of colour products and finishes designed by AkzoNobel to suit most situations. AkzoNobel’s Interpon D architectural powder coatings range includes:

  • Interpon D1000
  • Interpon D1010 Premium Residential
  • Interpon D1010 Premium Commercial
  • Interpon D2015 Ultriva™
  • Interpon D3020 Fluoromax®

Altus also uses Orica’s Dulux Duralloy® and Duratec® architectural powder coatings in some instances.

Altus products are applied to a minimum 50 micron thickness with a typical thickness range of 50 to 90 microns. The advantages of this are:

  • Uniformity of colour.
  • Good corrosion resistance (including sun degradation) and chemical resistance.
  • Excellent mechanical properties and good edge cover.
  • Minor surface damage can be readily touched up with colour matched dab sticks or aerosols.


Interpon D1000

This product is supported by a 10 year warranty for both film and colour integrity for all exterior and interior residential applications. Interpon D1000 is suitable for buildings no taller than three levels and located more than 100 metres from any salt water or surf line. Interpon D1000 meets and/or exceeds the requirements of AS3715-2002, AAMA2603-02, and WANZ standards. A wide range of colours is available.

Interpon D1010 Premium Residential

This product is offered with a 15 year warranty on both film and colour integrity for all exterior and interior residential applications, up to three levels in height including coastal locations. Interpon D1010 Premium Residential meets and or exceeds requirements of AS3715-2002, AAMA2603-02, and WANZ. A wide range of colours is available.


Interpon D1010 Premium Commercial

This product is offered with a 15 year film integrity and 10 year colour integrity warranty for all exterior and interior commercial applications for any building at any height. Interpon D1010 Premium Commercial meets and or exceeds requirements of AS3715-2002, AAMA2603-02, and WANZ. A wide range of colours is available.




Interpon D2015 Ultriva™

This product is offered with a 20 year film integrity and 15 year colour integrity warranty. Interpon D2015 Ultriva™ is commonly specified for multi level commercial projects. The range has been designed for high ultra violet light and high humidity locations such as marine, beachfront, mild, tropical, and coastal locations. Interpon D2015 Ultriva™ meets and or exceeds the requirements of AAMA2604. Consult your fabricator for a range of available colours.


Interpon D3020 Fluromax®

This product is offered with a 30 year film integrity and 20 year colour integrity warranty. Interpon D3020 Fluoromax® is commonly specified for commercial and monumental buildings where colour stability and performance longevity are essential. It is the ideal solution for all buildings where optimum architectural, aesthetic, technical, and economic performance is required. The range exceeds the requirements of AAMA2605 and is available in a wide range of colours and metallic effect finishes. The standard gloss level is matt as per PVDF/PVF2. Special colours can be produced subject to technical approval. All colours are made to order only.



Precautions and Limitations

The effects of ultra violet light, atmospheric pollution, dirt, grime, and airborne salt deposits can accumulate over time. Accumulated debris should be removed from our products at regular intervals.

Strong bold colours such as reds, yellows, and oranges are more prone to fading and colour degradation as these colours are often made with organic pigments.

Note: When judging colour consistency and integrity of finish the accepted industry standard is inspection from a distance of two metres.

Maintenance of Powder Coatings refer to the Care and Maintenance of Aluminium section.