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Sliding Window Configurations

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Maximum sizes for fixed windows and sliding panels vary by width, height, wind zone, glazing requirement, and roller capacity. Your local Nulook fabricator will be able to advise you whether a configuration is possible or contact Altus Technical support.

As a guide, sliding window panels of up to 1.4m high by 0.9m wide are recommended. Other sizes are available. 

Frame Types

  • The head frame has a unique removable head adaptor to allow secure fitting and removal of the sliding panel.
  • A low profile double glazed sliding window panel is available to maintain a consistent sight line.
  • Two frame cover extensions that increase facing cover by 21mm are also available when required.
  • FS (fixed, opening), SFS and SFFS configurations are available.
  • Configurations with over light windows are available. 

Glazing, Beads and Panel Types

  • Beaded panels are used to provide for a wide range of glazing options from 4mm to 24mm.
  • A low profile double glazed sliding window panel is available for maximum glazing surface.
  • A range of 10 beads are available to accommodate glazing options from 4mm to 24mm and to provide a variety of finishing styles from sloped to square.
  • A range of interlockers, stiles, and rails are available to create a wide range of configurations. 

Window Ventilation

Aluvent passive ventilator enables passive ventilation to be included into sashes and fixed windows. Refer to the Aluvent section. 


A standard range of flashings include 95mm, 84mm, 71mm, 68mm, 63mm, 58mm, 53mm, 48mm, 45mm, 41mm, 38mm, 31mm, 25mm and 14mm. These have been designed to comply with E2/AS1 Amendment 6 requirements. Refer to the flashings section. 


Refer to the hardware section. 


Refer to the jambliners section.

Sliding Window cavity construction head detail.
Sliding Window cavity construction sill detail.