WGANZ WIS Installation Guide

About the Window & Glass Association of New Zealand (WGANZ) WIS...

For residential construction we recommend you follow the WGANZ WIS installation guidelines, showing head flashing placement and location, and the use of WGANZ sill support bars when using cavity construction. 

This alternative solution was developed by WGANZ to meet the needs of the New Zealand Building Code, Clause E2 “External Moisture” which came into effect in July 2005.

This verified alternative solution was developed in consultation with a number of industry groups and focused on solving problems identified over a number of years where weather-tightness issues arose due to poor installation practices. 

One key area inadequately addressed in E2/AS1 was the support needed for joinery. Insufficient support will lead to problems for building owners. The WGANZ WIS specifically addresses this issue through the use of sill support bars.

The WGANZ system has been fully tested by WGANZ in an IANZ accredited test facility. Full reports can be viewed on the WGANZ website at https://www.wganz.nz/

Residential installation details using WGANZ designs offering direct fix and cavity construction are available for a wide variety of claddings in a selection of file types; DWG, PDF, DXF, MOD, RVT.

Please view the CAD Resource Library for detailed drawings