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Euroslider™ Doors (outside sliding panel door)

Unlike traditional sliding doors, the Euroslider™ has no lower channels or cavities to collect unsightly dirt and debris. The Euroslider™ can also be configured to have panels meet at a corner without a pillar or slide into a cavity or over an exterior wall.



  • Stepped flat sill for an easy clean and modern look
  • ACT Interlocker softener – reduces the sound when doors engage
  • Smoothtech™ Chevron track for a smooth roller action


Smooth Sliding

We think all of our products are exceptional. But if we had to pick a favourite, the Euroslider would be right up there. It demonstrates the best in cutting-edge design, plus the years of continuous innovation and enhancements we’ve invested are evident in every aspect.

One of the Euroslider’s finest features is how easy it is to open. This is thanks to the matching Smoothtech chevron shaped track and wheels, which provide better panel weight distribution. Its effortless detailing is another highlight and can be further enhanced by rebating internal floors and having exterior decks or patios raised to run almost level. A side casement or awning window also offers secure ventilation.



Bi-parting Euroslider™

The Bi-parting Euroslider™ has four glass panels that open at the middle. This not only allows for both single and double entry points, but also adds an incredible sense of balance and symmetry to any space. What’s more, they allow huge amounts of light to stream in, plus having the panels slide on the outside provides increased weather tightness in even the most demanding environments.

There is also the option to add top light or side light windows for secure ventilation.