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Nulook Nelson

24 Estuary Place

[email protected]

0508 685 665

If you would like a quote or more information on specific window and door products please call our toll free number or make an enquiry below

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We are in business to make life easier for anyone who needs aluminium joinery, glass or glass products in Nelson, Tasman, Golden Bay or Murchison.

We are a successful business that has been created to be the one, easy solution for homeowners building new homes or renovating existing ones in Tasman, Marlborough and the West Coast. Our promise is a simple one, we have all the glass and aluminium joinery systems in one single place for you. 

We exist exclusively to help you make the right decisions on your glass, aluminium joinery systems and all other related products. You are invited to use Nulook Nelson - Solutions, as part of your next building venture and experience the difference that we bring to the marketplace.

Whether you're upgrading or renovating your existing home, or building a new, dream home we are capable specialists who can help you purchase the perfect solutions.

We're a fully approved Nulook Aluminium Joinery System agent with a proven history in the glass industry and have access to glass and designer glass products. We've also revolutionised the purchase process for glass in New Zealand and have exclusive offers that can save you money, hassle and time.



Now selling the latest Residential & Architectural joinery systems, the innovative Tasman35 & Pacific41 Systems


Designed with innovation as its cornerstone, Tasman35™ performs beyond expectation.

The Tasman35™ system is ideal for most family homes, light commercial applications and apartments.






Designed in New Zealand for New Zealand homes.

Innovation, Strength and Reliability place the Pacific41™ system at the centre of New Zealand’s Architectural window & door market.


Showcase - Glendowie Insert Windows

How to keep a homes character window look with new modern comforts.

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