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Nulook Tauranga

66 Birch Avenue

[email protected]

07 578 3917

If you would like a quote or more information on specific window and door products please call our toll free number or make an enquiry below

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Nulook Creations is a privately owned company that is committed to providing the highest level of service and a quality range of Nulook aluminium joinery.

Now selling the latest Residential & Architectural joinery systems, the innovative Tasman35 & Pacific41 Systems


Designed with innovation as its cornerstone, Tasman35™ performs beyond expectation.

The Tasman35™ system is ideal for most family homes, light commercial applications and apartments.






Designed in New Zealand for New Zealand homes.

Innovation, Strength and Reliability place the Pacific41™ system at the centre of New Zealand’s Architectural window & door market.


Our team are a licensed fabricator of the Nulook range of joinery supplied by Altus Window Systems, which includes the innovative Weathertight system and recently released All Seasons thermally broken system. Nulook has a history that dates back to the 1950’s and is one of New Zealand’s leading brands. Visit nulook.co.nz for more information & technical specifications.

We provide a range of services including:

  • Design & fabrication of a wide range of Nulook aluminium joinery products.
  • Installation of commercial & residential Nulook joinery.
  • Our expertise and time from the beginning through to completion.
  • Free measure and quote

Professional standards are important to us and as such we are members of the Window & Glass Association of New Zealand (WGANZ).



We appreciate that you want your home to be free of potentially damaging leaks around your windows and doors. That’s why Connors Windows use the WeatherTight™ range. In fact, WeatherTight™ was designed in direct response to the leaky building crisis.


WeatherTight™ is a residential joinery suite. As the name suggests, WeatherTight™ keeps water where it should be – outside your home. It achieves this through a combination of smart drainage design and clever jointing of joinery design.


WeatherTight™ window frames have been designed to drain away excess water caused by condensation or errant water. The moisture is drained through channels in the joinery and outside your home.


Connors Windows uses patented Screwless Crimped Corner Connectors to keep the mitre joints tight and strong. The Connectors also provide controlled paths to drain errant water away.


This unique connector system fixes the mullions and transoms and interlocks securely into the frame without using screws. There’s no drilling required, so there are no holes for water to leak through.


Specially designed Torsional Corner Blocks are inserted into the door panel stiles. This makes the door stronger while still being light and easy to open and close.

Just as every part of your home has different requirements, WeatherTight™ has the window and door to suit.

Take the innovative Inline Bi-fold door for example. It folds back flush with the exterior wall of your home, making it perfect for decks and patios and places where there is high foot traffic.

The WeatherTight™ UrbanSlider range of Sliding and Stacking Doors have double glazed panels that can be as high as 2.7 metres. The external sliding panels and heavy duty anodized track allows for easy opening and closing – there’s no sagging or jamming even with the largest panels.


WeatherTight™ windows and doors help to improve energy efficiency and comfort through the glazing options available. All of the joinery can accommodate 4 – 24mm glazing, so you can achieve optimal thermal performance from the glass combinations.

Some of the advantages of of using the WeatherTight™ range are:

  • Unique systems for outstanding weather tightness

  • Advanced drainage designs drains water away

  • Stronger, tighter joints

  • Fewer frame penetrations where leaks can originate

  • Torsional corner blocks for stronger, more secure doors

  • Double glazing reduces condensation on glazing

  • Energy savings

  • More choice


Nulook Creations over the years have successfully completed many commercial projects. Careful management of the projects including fabrication, installation and glazing is an important part of this success.

General commercial projects can range from a simple shopfront to a complex office building.

Consistent across all these is a need to deliver accurate, quality product to specification on time.



Nulook Creations have been actively involved in many retail developments of varying scales.

In the retail sector these projects generally have set and often widely publicised opening dates requiring active project management to ensure these dates are met. Delays are not acceptable.

Minimising disruption for alterations whilst customers continue trading or assisting in the design of situation specific solutions are key features of Nulook Creations service.


We generally view apartments as a general catch all for multi dwelling units.

A range of products is important for the varied aspects of this type of construction to cater for aesthetics, strength and the particular market the apartments are pitched for.

We have available a full range of products to cater for this market from standard high performance residential to mid & high end architectural.


Joinery & glazing in schools must be treated differently from a general commercial project.

They often require a greater robustness than general applications. Also, the Ministry of Education, individual Boards of Trustees and specialist architects have all developed individual needs.

Nulook Creations have over the years become accustomed to filling these needs successfully & practically. We cater for disabled access through special sill details & doorway widths, non-protruding window systems including Shuggs, louvres and heavy duty sliding windows, window control gear either manual or electric and heavy duty door panels with torsional blocks.

We have a lot of experience in both new school buildings or refurbishments of existing buildings.