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New Zealand's construction industry is booming. Particularly in our cities, we see new building projects start on a daily basis, adding to nearly $40 billion worth of projects, according to the 2016 National Construction Pipeline Report. While this comes with an economic uplift, it could put time pressure on building professionals such as window fitters, whose list of jobs may rapidly expand. This is where more efficient collaboration becomes critical to success. 

A key aspect of efficient supply chains in construction is having effective communication flows both up and downstream. So how can you improve window fitting efficiency in New Zealand's busy construction environment through collaboration?

Are you collaborating well with your suppliers?

 1. Source materials smarter

The beauty of collaborative procurement is that suppliers and buyers align their goals to improve bargaining power. What's more, as a flow-on effect of communicating with Kiwi construction suppliers and building strong relationships, professionals can remove resource waste.

This is partially because, by working together, construction and building professionals can utilise each other's expertise and eliminate unnecessary material waste through consolidation.

2. Simplify the receiving process

By selecting and communicating with partners before materials arrive - and setting clear expectations around deadlines - construction professionals can streamline the receiving process. 

Forging trust with a team of professionals is key for this. Working closely together and talking about how each side can help the other's process run smoother can help simplify the entire process.

3. Handling and fitting

A lot of time is currently wasted at the fitting stage of windows and doors, where handling materials correctly is both essential and time consuming. It is therefore important that window fitters collaborate not only during the sourcing and receiving of materials, but work together with suppliers to ensure they have the tools, skills and support they need to make their work more efficient. 

How Smartfit windows can help 

While eliminating waste and improving individual processes is important, implementing a more simple procurement process as a whole is even more so. This is exactly what Smartfit can offer. 

Instead of collaborating with a myriad of different suppliers and professionals, the Smartfit window and door solution simplifies the entire process thanks to its easy-to-use design. Less onsite materials and waste also mean less time and money spent installing as Smartfit's face fixing fin enables quick and easy application outside the wall underlay. Once the weather seal is fixed, the windows and doors are ready to stand the test of time. 

Time efficiency and dealing with fewer individual procurement steps along the way makes the Smartfit windows a great choice for building professionals. Feel free to connect with or reach out to our team to talk about how you can benefit from Smartfit windows.