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In New Zealand we aren't just undergoing a building boom, but are home to some of the most stunning backdrops in nature. And while Kiwi architects and building professionals are doing some incredible work with designer windows, it pays to look at the rest of the world for inspiration every now and again. 

Here are some of the most inspiring projects from the rest of the globe. 

The 'Office of the Future'

Dubai is home to the world's first 3D-printed office. Boasting all the amenities a safe and comfortable work place usually features, the building was assembled in only 17 days. Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, unveiled the completed project, which he explained showcases the construction model of the future.

Designed by global architecture firm Gensler and Killa Design, the building isn't just stunning but saved 50 per cent of labour costs compared to projects with similar scopes. 

BIG's Hualien Residences 

As eco-friendly home for the elderly, BIG's Hualien wellness and residential development in Taiwan invites people to live in a health conscious, productive community. Structures that look like mountains are covered with green roofs, combining nature with urban life.  

Situated on the eastern coast of Taiwan, the residences encourage active lifestyles with walking paths, common gardens and meditation spaces placed throughout the complex.

Hanazono Kindergarten

Modern technology and local materials are used to create a warm and safe Kindergarten on Japanese island Miyako-jima. Design studios Youji no Shiro and Hibino Sekkei created this beautiful building in a way that withstands the region's typhoons, thanks to the steel-reinforces concrete framework with hollow-centred blocks that allow light to filter through the school. 

3deluxe's 'Butterfly Pavilion'

Home to more than 500 butterfly species, the 'Butterfly Pavilion' is a masterpiece created by German studio 3deluxe. Situated in the capital of Sharjah, UAE, the pavilions' facade is made from 4,000 golden aluminium leaves that envelope a glass cube in its centre. 

The light from the canopy adds to the rainforest-like atmosphere within the pavilion, with the leaves helping regulate the climate for the butterflies. 

Maggie's at the Christie Hospital

Maggie's Centres are an effort to support people affected by cancer. Foster and Partners designed this particular space in the Robert Parfett building of Manchester's (UK) Christie Hospital as an uplifting refuge and peace haven for its visitors. 

Sliding glass doors open up the boundaries between indoors and outdoors and allow individuals to enjoy the natural light and greenery. 

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