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The Block NZ for 2021 promises to be another season of highs and lows, but at the end of it all - some spectacular homes will emerge.

As we look back at Altus's involvement with the show from the very first season through to today, we see 'The Block NZ' TV show has been a fantastic catalyst to showcase many of our new and innovative products over the past 9 years. 

Season One | 2012

In season one we showcased a number of products that provided inspiration on what could be done to really open up your home. These included raking windows to allow in more overhead light and Foldback™ Bifolds to create unobstructed views and access. But the star of the show was the five metre wide over-wall Eurostacker™. Although this product came with a fair few technical challenges i.e. needing a specially engineered angle to support the nearly half a tonne door unit or rebated floors so the Eurostacker™ could sit flush with the internal floor. Technical challenges aside the end result was a social space that truly blurred the lines between the indoors and outdoors.

The star of the show was the five metre wide over-wall Eurostacker™.

Season Two | 2013

Season two was a big step up from season one. The houses got bigger spanning two storeys and the joinery expectations were more ambitious. Season two saw a few clever uses of windows and doors. Feature products included; a five panel bifold window that abutted the kitchen bench creating a seamless servery for entertaining, a structurally glazed coloured glass sliding front door and an impressive corner Eurostacker™.

Season Three | 2014 - Pacific Thermal system

After a couple of season's under our belt you'd think there'd be a knack to dealing with 'The Block', but as we quickly learnt, there really isn't - every season brought around its own unique circumstances. Whether they were particular product requirements or logistics; from the number of deliveries required or site access. Season three took place with a local daycare on the adjacent street so delivery times were restricted.  

There were a number of feature products used on the show including; An oversized graphic printed glass pivot door with the contestants own design, corner cavity Levelstep™ stackers and thermally broken joinery more so because of its ability to have a different colour on the inside to the outside, as it allowed the architects to create a bold exterior feature on the corner of the house that contrasted black and white, whilst still maintaining a consistent look from the inside of the room.

The Pacific Thermal system has the option of having different coloured frames inside and out.

Season Four | 2015 - Atlantic48 system

Season four brought out a new sort of challenge as the villa homes were all circa 1920 to 1940, so consideration to the heritage aesthetic was critical. Throughout the home much of the timber joinery was restored, but 21st century aspects where living configurations and performance capabilities were required Altus Window Systems were used. 

Bifold doors were the feature of the show as they appeared on three of the four homes and fit in nicely with the villa aesthetic. A warm white pearl powdercoat colour was used on Atlantic48 High Performance bifolds, which had a more solid look in keeping with timber. They were also capable of meeting the height and width required from the large openings specified.

The final result was a respectful tribute to the essence of the villa that didn't detract or overshadow its characteristics but rather complement it through a robust look with clean lines.

Season Five | 2016 - Smartfit™ system

Season five was an exciting year for us as we were able to showcase our most revolutionary product yet - Smartfit™. The windows and doors arrived on site in cassette form with built in head flashings, cavity closers, end dams and sill support bars. And with its unique face fixing fin removed much of the regular hassle associated with a conventional install. The Smartfit® window installation was so easy even the contestants installed some of them.

Season five took five dilapidated town houses circa 1980, all marred with the leaky building syndrome and in some serious need of a bit of TLC and turned them into modern energy efficient homes. They achieved high Homestar ratings of either 6 or 7 (a quality assurance mark certifying a homes’ health, efficiency and sustainability), and are warm and dry, and easy to heat in winter and cool in summer, thanks in part to the low-E, argon filled, double glazed units.

The Smartfit™ window installation was so easy even the contestants installed some of them.

Season Six | 2017 - Atlantic48 system

Season six had a real mixture of products from large curtain wall flushglaze windows to easy to install Smartfit™ windows and doors. The highlight would have to have been the Atlantic48 High Performance cavity stackers with a LevelStep™ sill. But what made this project so unique was that all the products from residential through to commercial seamlessly blended together amplifying the cohesive and consistent aesthetic.

Season Seven | 2018

The Block NZ for 2018 was another season of highs and lows, but at the end of it all - some spectacular homes emerged.

As we look back at our involvement with the show over the last 7 years, from the very first season through to today, we see 'The Block NZ' TV series has been a fantastic catalyst to showcase many of our new and innovative products.

The Block NZ On Point 2018, was another great year for their partnership with Altus Window Systems. This year came with a challenge, as the facades of the projects were already up when the teams arrived. The focus this year was much more on the inside.

Altus Window Systems grabbed this unique opportunity with both hands, to showcase two of our vast range of Aluminium products. The Stellar Door featured as the Entrance Door of choice for all the four homes. We helped create the bold and beautiful first impression for our teams. The HighbrookLouvre was a prominent design feature for the outsides of all the Block homes.

Season Eight | 2019 - Atlantic48 system

The Block’s on Fire!

Are you a Blockoholic? If the answer is yes then you will know that Season 8 is arguably the most ambitious project ever. In Kingsland, four teams and an army of tradies have transformed a charming 1930’s Georgian firehouse into literal multi-million dollar apartments.

At Altus Window Systems we’re proud to continue our sponsorship of The Block, which this year has us installing the Atlantic48 high performance system in all four (plus the 5th appartment used for special challenges) apartments. Chosen for its wide range, its strength in exposed weather conditions and its strong contemporary profile, the Atlantic48 high performance windows and doors perfectly complement the Firehouse’s industrial architecture.

Providing high end elegance, Sophia and Mikaere’s Penthouse maximizes the wide vistas; a Waitakere ranges view from the north west facing bedrooms’ 2.2m high Euroslider™ doors, around to Eden Park and further south & east from the living spaces’ Eurostacker™ doors, all using the Atlantic48 high performance system.

Complementing the edgy design of the boys, Ethan and Sam in Apartment 3, the massive 5.8m wide Eurostacker™ doors open onto a deck designed to optimise natural light and space. All the apartments include Flush Sills, a must have in new builds and renovations. The Flush sills enhance indoor-outdoor flow, creating additional space for entertaining and where space is limited in urban homes, this is a great idea.

Season IX (nine) | 2020 - Weathertight system

This season has been held up somewhat by COVID-19. We hope to be back into filming soon and back on air sometime early in 2021. Stay tuned for updates.