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Smartfit® window technology is an innovative technology that can be utilised for both windows and doors. Easy to install and providing high performance weather features, what exactly is this product, what are its key benefits and how is it installed?

What is Smartfit®?

Smartfit® window technology is a revolutionary specialist product created by Altus. A ready-to-fit cassette window system, it's quite simply the fastest technology available for window installation in the New Zealand market. In fact Altus has calculated it's roughly 90 per cent faster to install than other contemporary models. Available for windows or doors Smartfit® aims to simplify and accelerate the way windows are installed whilst also achieving superior quality. Using Smartfit®, these systems can arrive on site and can be fitted immediately.

Smartfit is a ready-to-fit cassette window system.


Designed specifically with the New Zealand building industry in mind, Smartfit® comes complete with built in:

  • Head flashings
  • Jamb flashings
  • Cavity closers
  • End dams
  • Sill support bars
  • Water management features

In addition to a speedy installation Smartfit® also boasts high wind zone protection, modern aesthetics and practical functionality. This includes smooth sills for easy maintenance and heavy double-glazed sliding panels for increased indoor/outdoor flow and weathertightness.

For compliance and performance, Smartfit® window systems are:

  • Backed by a 10 year warranty.
  • BRANZ appraised – appraisal number 868 (2014).
  • Comply with NZS 4211.
  • Have an installation system tested in accordance with E2/VM1.

Smartfit® windows and doors systems are made possible by the efficiency and accuracy of computer controlled machining systems (CNC) in the factory. Produced to bespoke requirements, this highly sophisticated manufacturing process increases production accuracy. 

Designed for the NZ housing market

New Zealand requires homes that are affordable, of good quality and can be built quickly enough to meet demand.

New Zealand has a strong tradition of building excellence in sometimes tough environmental conditions. However, with growing urban populations, the industry is having to respond to heightened demand alongside the need for quality.

In 2018 the estimated resident population of NZ rose from 4.41 million (2012) to 4.914 million, according to Stats NZ. This growth had increased the strain on our housing market and resulted in a significant shortage of homes. As of 2018, there is a calculated housing deficit of 71,000 homes according to the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment (MBIE), while more locally Auckland and Canterbury are both in need of 15,000 homes each.

New Zealand requires homes that are affordable, of good quality and can be built quickly enough to meet demand.

Smartfiit provides a fast, high quality solution that removes excess complexity from the installation process. With everything you need already fitted to the window system, builders no longer need to worry about internal tapes, PEF rods or expanding foams. This makes for fewer onsite materials, waste and handling, saving both time and money.

Smartfit® is also particularly compatible with the prefab building market and together they can create good quality homes constructed at speed.

The key benefits of Smartfit®

Smartfit® window and door systems provide a number of benefits for builders, architects and homeowners.

  • Fast to install: As mentioned above, by our calculations Smartfit® windows are 90 per cent faster to install than non-ready to fit models and can be fitted immediately after delivery. This means you can close a house faster.
  • Weather tight: Smartfit® windows are designed to withstand New Zealand's weather conditions, including high winds and moisture.
  • Branz Appraised: This means that Smartfit® complies with New Zealand's building code and guarantees approval from the Building Consent Authority. Smartfit® is the only window installation system in New Zealand to be awarded Branz Appraisal Certification (appraisal number: 868 (2014).
  • Bespoke design: To fit perfectly into your building, Smartfit® windows are manufactured to match your needs.
  • Hassle free inspection: It's much easier for building inspectors to review Smartfit® windows as all the critical elements are on show. For example, no tapes are necessary under the window that could form bunches, tears, slopes or simply go missing.

How to install Smartfit®

Smartfit® windows are very straightforward to install and can be completed in under ten minutes per window. Here's what you need to do:

  1. Check the opening to make sure it is free from any protrusions and also that it's level.
  2. Prepare the wall underlay. The external sheet bracing to wall framing must leave an even mounting surface on all sides to enable the window to seat properly.
  3. Position the window unit into the opening.
  4. Fix the unit in place by screwing in the head and jambs through the pre-made holes.
  5. Tape around the window over the fixing fin to complete the airtight seal. 

To learn more about how Smartfit® could help you to deliver high quality building solutions alongside cost savings, get in touch with the team at Altus Window Systems today.